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Here at Legacy Elite we have a shared goal to promote our high school student athletes and help them reach their potential. We aid our football players by gaining exposure at 7x7 events hosted by Adidas, Nike, and Battle Sports. In addition to these well known events we also encourage our players to participate in local events to help build the football community that we all love. These events allow our players to compete at a higher level against other highly ranked athletes.  Competitions such as these will give them an unmatched experience as well as the exposure necessary to compete in the NCAA. Here at Legacy Elite, we not only compete in outside tournaments, but also have our athletes compete in the Gridiron 7v7 League. In our programs first tournament, we placed third out of 88 teams and look to keep improving throughout the years!

Social media is now a cornerstone of player development and recognition. We strive to capture as many videos and highlights as possible. Coaches build a bond that younger athletes can trust and rely on in the offseason to keep these kids busy! Here at Legacy Elite we coach these boys about more than football. Our players excel in their academic profile as well as staying out of trouble in the community.

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