Don't Let Your Family Be Under-Insured

It is very inexpensive to make sure your family does not get pushed into the 80% to 90% of bankruptcies caused by being "Under-Insured".

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What is supplemental insurance?

At first, the idea of supplemental insurance may sound redundant: If you already have insurance, why would you consider more?

The answer, quite simply, is that primary insurance such as your health insurance covers only a portion of the total costs you may need help with in the event of sickness or injury.

What about replacing lost income, paying rent, buying food – even just covering the expense of transporting loved ones to visit you at a recovery facility? 

That’s why Combined Insurance offers supplemental disability insurance, accident insurance, sickness insurance and life insurance. Our policies are easy to understand so you can make the right decisions about your coverage.

What’s right for my family and me?

  • Every situation is different and no two families are the same.

    Which is why Combined Insurance offers a range of products for various situations – along with assistance from our professional agents to help you decide on the best coverage for you.
  • Policies designed to help in the event of illness, disability, recovery & more
    Combined Insurance gives you the cash you need to pay non-medical costs that aren’t covered by your major medical insurance. Because benefits are paid directly to you, not to a doctor or medical facility, how you spend your money is up to you.
  • Combined Insurance agents are trained insurance professionals.
    And most important, our agents are here to help. They’ll listen to your needs and present you with several affordable options – and explain everything in easy-to-understand language.

Some Testimonials to Prove it Works for Real People

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“This saved me over $40,000.”

“After an expensive surgery I had bills of over $40,000 that were NOT COVERED.”

My Combined Insurance Policy covered all but $500 of the total $40,500 tab. What a financial life saver.

Steve Howard
- Small Business Owner

“We were looking at over $52,000 in uncovered bills!”

“We would have had to go bankrupt if we did not have this incredible coverage from Fred Stewart!”

Samantha Thomas
- Office Administrator
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Compare the pluses and minuses that many people overlook.

The Pros List

  • The Gap in coverage for expensive medical bills is covered.
  • Coverage is inexpensive and complete.
  • Paying for expenses while in the hospital are covered.
  • Your Family will not face bankruptcy for a large non-covered medical bill.

The Cons List

  • Pay a large bill in the $10's of thousands out of pocket.
  • Save little only to have large exposure to a big bill.
  • Go into debt to pay for things your family needs while you cannot work.
  • Suffer a devastating bankruptcy and affect your family for many years.

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(Serving Missouri and Illinois)

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